Star Child Life of Riley Rosa Bell Battle

Riley Rosa Bell Battle is the two-year-old daughter of Raven Goodwin, a well-known American actress. Even though She wasn’t the main character in “Being Mary Jane,” her mother is well recognized as the actress who played the role on the program. Through her portrayal of Niecy Patterson, she was able to gain the affection of a great number of people.

Personal Life:

Riley Rosa Bell Battle is the name given to the offspring of Raven Goodwin and Wiley Battle. She was born on April 15, 2020. When Riley was born, it was one of the most beautiful times of their lives, and she posted on Instagram about the little features of her newborn daughter during that time. A week after her small baby was born, her mother went public with the news that she had given birth to her daughter.

The day of the week that Riley was born was a Wednesday, much like her mother, Raven. Riley has had a passion for music ever since she was a little child, and she was especially drawn to her father’s voice. Her mother uploaded several pictures of her on social media and wrote gushing words about how beautiful her daughter Riley is and how she would never leave her daughter’s side no matter what.

Riley’s Parents’ Marriage:

When Raven Goodwin wed Wiley Battle, the man she’d known since childhood and considered the love of her life, she was just 29 years old. A month after the wedding, Raven Goodwin broke the long-awaited news to her followers on Instagram that she and her partner had finally tied the knot. She posted a picture of them on social media, standing in front of a flower archway in Santorini, Greece.

Riley Rosa Bell Battle's Parents

In that post, she referred to her daughter as a “koala,” which translates to “beautiful doll” in Greek. When the ceremony took place, Little Riley had just turned one. As the event was private, only a select group of their closest friends and relatives were invited to attend. As a result, there were few people there.

Relationship And Career Of Her Parents:

The first time Riley’s parents, Wiley Battle and  Goodwin saw each other was in Atlanta in 2016. Before She made her marriage proposal to Wiley in October 2020, the two had been together for a good while and had been in love for quite some time. The following year, on November 30, 2021, they settled on getting married as their wedding date. The happy couple recounted the beginning of their relationship up to the moment they announced their intention to get married in one of the Instagram posts they jointly published.

Wiley Battle is an entrepreneur who has gained knowledge and experience over ten years. He has previous experience working for a variety of companies, one of which is Bank of America, and at present, he is an executive in the business world. Even though his name is attached to a Twitter account, he does not use any social media platforms in any way, shape, or form.

Raven Goodwin

Raven Goodwin, who is now a well-known actress in the film and television industries, got to start in the acting business with a role in the movie “Lovely & Amazing” (2001). She played the title character, Mary Jane Paul’s niece, who was very mature while still having fun in the role she was cast in.

In the upcoming biopic “Behind the Smile,” which depicts the life of the first African American woman to win the Academy Award, She will take on the role of Hattie McDaniel. “Behind the Smile,” Goodwin is overjoyed at the opportunity to bring the historically significant character to life on the big screen. As a result of Riley’s mother having a sizable following among fans of the characters she plays in various media, the family is quite well-known.

Net Worth:

This little girl, who will soon turn two years old, was born into one of the most famous and wealthy families in the United States. As an actress who works in both movies and television shows, Raven Goodwin brings in a substantial salary from her various projects. As of 2019, it is anticipated that Raven Goodwin possesses a net worth of $500,000. It has been reported that she asks for approximately $60,000 to play a role in a television series. Wiley Battle, her husband, is not innocent in any of this. Wiley has a wealth of approximately one million dollars.



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