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Top Free Worldwide Reverse Numlookup Tool to find Unknown Callers in 2022

Numlookup is a completely free service to find any phone or landline registered with any company around the world in just easy few steps. You can also call by using its SPYCALL feature & message using its SPYTEXT feature anyone anonymously using this service without any credit card requirement.

Top 7 Features of Numlookup:

  • Best Features of Number Lookup all over the world
  • Find phone number owner’s details for free
  • Available in all countries
  • SPYDIAL to call anyone anonymously
  • SPYTEXT to message anyone in the world anonymously
  • Credit card is not required to use
  • Tool is partnered with all major mobile & landline companies all across the world

How Numlookup Works?

  • Open browser and write address and press enter. The interface of Numlookup will be open which is very user friendly.

Interface of Numlookup website

  • Now select Country under Lookup Tab by clicking on Flag as shown in picture. After Selecting the Country, code will be selected automatically by its database.
  • Now Country Flag and Country code is selected as shown in the picture

Selection of country to find unknown number

  • Now write phone number for required details. You can search any number phone or Landline.
  • The number should be valid registered number. Invalid number will not be searched.

Text box to enter number for searching

Number writen in image for finding details

  • Now Click on I’m not a robot for security purposes and click on Numlookup to find the number details by using this Service.

Security checkup and find a number on one click

  • The Screen will appear with countdown time of 10 Seconds, be patient and wait for the results.
  • The database will be fetched from all over the world and different companies
  • The searched number will be displayed with all details of that number

Countdown timer as per required for searching number

  • Data will be displayed on screen
  • Location
  • Number Detail (Landline or Cell number)
  • Number Carrier and Company

Display of details regarding searched number

  • Another Fabulous feature of this service is to search free additional personal information
  • Click on Search for additional information
  • Data will be fetched and displayed about personal information of registered person to that number

Option to search additional personal information of caller

  • Another Feature is SPYDIAL through which you can call that number anonymously. Your location will not be shown to the other person. It is a free service.
  • Click on SPYDIAL
  • Click on Green CALL NOW! Button to call the person you are looking.

SPYDIAL feature selection guidline to call anonymously

  • Another Feature of Numlookup is to message that person anonymously. The other person will not get your personal data or phone number through this free service
  • To use the service please Click on SPYTEXT in Blue Color.
  • Type your message with min 120 Words
  • Click on I’m not a Robot
  • Click Send Button to send message to that person

SPYTEXT feature seletion to send message after security checkup

  • The message will be send to that person without your personal details. 

Top 10 Countries of Numlookup:

  • USA


  • Numlookup can be used as a great service for looking up a phone or landline number all over the world
  • You can find Phone owner details for free by using this service
  • This Feature is available in almost all countries
  • You can call anyone anonymously by using this service
  • You can also send message anyone anonymously by using this service
  • Credit card is not required to use this service as this service is absolutely free of cost.
  • This service is partnered with most the major companies of mobile database and landline all-over the world.



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