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What Is Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue Means

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

There are a variety of smart doorbells on the market, but Ring is one of the finest. They are simple to set up, broadcast high-quality video and sound in real-time, and work with most home automation platforms. However, they might confuse those who have never used one before.

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue may take on a variety of patterns, each with its meaning. Solving the mystery of why your doorbell is acting up may require tackling more than one problem.

To determine why your Ring doorbell is blue and flashing, you may test the alarms and your internet connection. Contact ‘Ring’ support if the light continues to blink blue. There is a status light and an error light on the front of your ring doorbell, and they both flash in a circular pattern to indicate different states.

Whether this light is solid or flickering, how fast it blinks, and what part of the circle it illuminates are all indicators of distinct meanings. Let’s break down the many causes, discuss the signals they convey, and consider how best to counteract them.

Pattern Of Blue Light Conveying Multiple Messages:

The Ring Doorbell’s blue indicator light provides comprehensive status information. It may display various blue and white flash patterns, each of which can convey a unique message. To ensure your Ring Doorbell is functioning properly, you need to be familiar with the many signals it may send through light.

What If The Ring Blue Light Flashes During Setup?

The Ring Doorbell’s indicator light should spin steadily rather than flash during a normal setup. When the doorbell is trying to connect to your WiFi network, the LED light will flash in a blue pattern that rises.

The upper portion of the blue light will blink if you input an incorrect password while setting up your Ring app, signaling that you must properly enter the password again.

After you have finished the initial setup, the light will flash blue four times, followed by a white circle. If you want your doorbell to work without hiccups, you’ll need to ensure it’s always connected to a fast and reliable WiFi network.

Troubleshooting Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue:

If your Ring Doorbell’s blue indicator light is blinking, it’s currently being charged. The device should power down after charging for three to four hours. Here are some things to try if the light keeps blinking for a long period.

Try Triggering Some Alarm.

The doorbell’s persistent blinking might be due to a technical glitch. To overcome this problem, you may either press the doorbell button or use the Ring app on your smartphone to generate an alert. Additionally, you may attempt alternative methods, such as restarting the doorbell or resetting your ring doorbell.

Check Your Internet Connection.

Whether your Ring Doorbell has trouble connecting to the internet, it won’t be able to tell if the battery is dead or not. Verify that your Ring Doorbell is properly linked to your network and that your internet connection is operating properly.

Contact Ring Support.

If none of these work, the doorbell may have a problem with its battery, wiring, or LED light that cannot be seen from the outside. It would be preferable to contact Ring’s support team for help in this situation. Your warranty will not be voided if you follow the troubleshooting procedures they provide you.

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue Light:

The Ring Chime’s blue indicator light serves the same purpose as the Ring Doorbell’s blue light: to provide feedback on the device’s operational condition. If the Chime’s blue light is steady, the gadget is getting power; if it flashes, there’s a problem. One of four things is happening while the blue light is blinking:


Simply observing the pattern in which the LED on your Ring Doorbell blinks may provide you with a great deal of information. To better understand your equipment’s condition, it is essential to be familiar with the meanings of each pattern.

A continuous blue light should not be a reason for alarm and may, in most situations, be resolved by following a few simple measures. If the issue continues, however, you should obtain professional assistance from Ring’s customer care service or take your doorbell to the local repair facility if you want the greatest chance of fixing it.



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